Teen Boys Pac-Man™

€ 39,95
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The PAC-MAN™ suit is now available as a stylish shirt for teen boys. Does your man like video games, but want to teach him something about the classics? You're in luck, because with this official long sleeve shirt with buttons, you can show your love for the arcade games no matter your age! The shirt is originally tailored to wear with a suit. So due to the fit it will stay in your pants all day - even when you’re going to have fun in it. Complete your outfit right away!
Meer informatie
Mouwen Lange Mouwen
Kleur Zwart
Inbegrepen Overhemd
Pasvorm Moderne fit
Stof & wasvoorschrift 97% Katoen, 3% Elastaan, Eenvoudig te strijken (op lage temperatuur), Machine-wasbaar

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